Mass Effect Infiltrator lands on Android

The Good Shepard?

Mass Effect Infiltrator lands on Android

EA Mobile's smartphone tie-in Mass Effect Infiltrator has finally arrived on Android, having spent a few months in stasis after its first outing on iOS.

Mass Effect: Infiltrator's plot runs parallel to the events in BioWare's critically acclaimed console title Mass Effect 3, putting you in the shoes of a Cerberus turncoat, battling against his former employees.

Unlike previous Mass Effect tie-ins on mobile, though, Infiltrator retains the behind-the-shoulder viewpoint and scenery-hugging shooty gameplay of its bigger brothers.

It's also rather large - in size, I mean. Almost half a gig, in fact.

She's a looker, alright

Sadly, while it has the looks, it most certainly doesn't have the brains of the main series, only managing a disappointing 6/10 on its iOS debut.

Still, if you're hankering to return to the world of Mass Effect and have a reasonably powerful Android phone to hand, you may want to consider picking it up.

Mass Effect: Infiltrator is available now on Google Play for £3.99 [download].