iOS shooter Mass Effect Infiltrator set to receive 'MASSIVE update'

Addresses review criticisms, adds 'high end features'

iOS shooter Mass Effect Infiltrator set to receive 'MASSIVE update'

Yesterday, while rooting around for games that have been updated to support the new iPad's Retina display, we noticed an interesting sentence had been added to the App Store description for Mass Effect Infiltrator.

The sentence proclaimed that there was a "MASSIVE game update on the way for everyone!"

Naturally, we were intrigued by this, and immediately released a flock of homing pigeons in the direction of Australia with a politely worded enquiry tied to their feet.

We have since received a reply from the folks over at the Melbourne-based IronMonkey Studios, who reveal a little more about the kind of tweaks Mass Effect Infiltrator fans can expect to see in this upcoming refresh.

You have unread messages, Commander

"We've been working on the update since launch and it's a substantial one," IronMonkey's response reads.

"It addresses quite a lot of issues raised in reviews, as well as adding some new content and a couple of pretty cool high end features."

While Mass Effect Infiltrator certainly looked the part, it did take some critical flak for its unreliable controls and weak narrative.

If the developer is true to its word, however, those control issues could well be a thing of the past. Very soon.

James Gilmour
James Gilmour
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