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Best Teams in Marvel Strike Force

Best Teams in Marvel Strike Force

Strike 'em down, Marvel-style with the best teams you can create

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Marvel Strike Force continues to expand its roster, event selection and rewards packages and has shown no signs of slowing down production. If you haven't noticed, with new shows and movies being released from the MCU, Marvel Strike Force has simultaneously been adding new characters. What a coincidence.. So, I hope you've been keeping up to date, because I have a lot to show you for which teams are best right now in the Strike Force universe!

I'm sure at some point, you've made the mistake of making only one or two squads incredibly powerful and leaving the rest of your roster behind, right? As an experienced player, and Strike Force legend (my own words), this is not an efficient strategy. The reason is that Marvel Strike Force has orchestrated events, and these events require certain teams to be able to compete in them. For example, to unlock Nick Fury, you need a full squad of Kree Minions. Even though Captain Marvel, Ronan The Accuser and Minn Erva are Kree, they aren't minions and therefore can't be used. 

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The Black Order team

The Black Order team
  • Ebony Maw
  • Thanos
  • Cull Obsidian
  • Corvus Glaive
  • Proxima Midnight

The Black Order was a fierce opponent in the MCU, and that doesn’t change in Marvel Strike Force, at all. One unique aspect of the Black Order is that each member (excluding Thanos) holds one or a few of the six Infinity Stones. Once you collect all members of the Black Order, Thanos will then activate his Infinity Gauntlet, also known as his “Empowered State”.

When this happens, your opponent should just forfeit. While Thanos is in his Empowered State, he is given a totally new set of attacks from the Infinity Stones, and can even throw a moon at the enemy team. That's right! A moon!

Here is the breakdown of which character has which Infinity Stone:

Corvus Glaive grants - Mind Stone Cull Obsidian provides - Power Stone Ebony Maw - Time, Reality, Soul Proxima Midnight - Space Stone

Granting Thanos all of the Infinity Stones is definitely the main highlight of this squad, but that isn’t all of the perks. Proxima Midnight boosts the Focus of all Black Order allies, by an additional 30%. On top of Proxima’s Focus boost, Corvus Glaive provides an additional 30% Extra Damage on all Black Order attacks.

Cull Obsidian is the tank of the squad, and should be eating most of your opponent's attacks, while keeping Thanos safe. Immediately, at the beginning of the match, Obsidian gives Thanos a Defense Up for two turns, removing all negative abilities from himself, and gaining Taunt. When Taunt is activated, it will force your opponent to only attack Cull Obsidian for two consecutive turns.

Lastly, if you somehow lose Thanos in battle, Ebony Maw is your second line of defense to secure the victory for you. When Ebony Maw spawns, he automatically uses his Passive ability, Envoy Of Thanos, which applies +2 Regeneration, +2 Death-Proof, and +2 Immunity to all Black Order allies. Outside of the boosts he offers, Ebony Maw also has a strong set of attacks.

For instance, Maw’s Ultimate ability, Forced Transfusion, steals 3% health from all enemies and redistributes it to all of his Black Order allies. The cool thing about this ability is that it bypasses any Heal Block that your enemy has activated! How awesome is that?! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, this move gets repeated four more times throughout the match.

In simple words; the Black Order rocks. They are so fun to use, especially when Thanos activates the Infinity Gauntlet. It almost feels like you’re reliving the first time you saw Avengers: Endgame or Infinity War.

Offensive/berserk team

  • Ikaris
  • Kestrel
  • Emma Frost
  • Loki
  • Baron Zemo

This oddly based lineup is not a typical one, but it will definitely do the trick, no matter the opponent. The lineup is led by: Kestrel and Ikaris. Both of whom are complete powerhouses that have easily cemented their names among the strongest characters in the game currently. Let's dive in head first, and see why this squad is so resourceful.

As mentioned before, Kestrel is a force to be reckoned with. Her basic attack, ‘Aerial Ace’, alone deals out 370% damage to the primary target and applies Defense Down for two turns. Her passive move, ‘Dimension Hopper’ allows her to heal herself for +20% of her Max Health, and remove all negative effects that were applied to her before.

Similar to Kestrel, Ikaris is widely known for his strong offensive attacks, and having a quick recharge time for his abilities. One main highlight of his move set is his ultimate ability: Eternal Assault. This attack dishes out 400% damage to all enemies! You didn’t even hear the best part about this yet. The huge advantage of this attack is that if an enemy dies from it, then Ikaris will repeat it. So, in short terms - Ikaris has the chance to wipe a whole team alone just from this move. I can tell you first-hand that I have lost a lot of Arena battles, because of this attack. You’re better off not being on the receiving end of it.

Baron Zemo is the squad's third line of defense when it comes down to offensive abilities. He doesn’t provide the raw power like Ikaris or Kestrel, but he’s not a character to disregard when it comes to attacking. For instance, right in the beginning of the match, Zemo will automatically detonate a bomb that hits all enemy opponents for a random amount of damage. The bonus for this move is that it doesn’t affect his energy for his other attacks. Another point worth noting is Zemo's Premeditation ability, which deals 300% damage to the primary target and applies Heal Block for one turn and Slow for two turns.

Loki and Emma Frost provide support to this squad by applying negative effects to the enemy team, diminishing their speed. Emma Frost steps in with her basic attack, Fashionable Strike, which targets an enemy for 290% damage and flips their positive effects into negative effects. Building on Emma Frost's unique tools, Loki provides additional help for your team. Loki’s Mind Control ability is a huge asset, tricking the primary target into attacking a teammate of theirs for an increased 50% damage.

This team is not a team you create in hopes of tons of synergy. This is a team you create because you are looking for a pure offensive team that delivers crippling offensive attacks.

Asgardians team

Asgardians team
  • Hela
  • Thor
  • Heimdall
  • Sif
  • Loki
  • If you haven't started assembling your Asgardians crew (Hela, Loki, Thor, Sif, Heimdall) yet, it's high time to get the ball rolling, whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned player. Just like the Black Order, the Asgardians have many tricks up their sleeves and can wreak havoc in any game mode.

    Most Asgardian characters (except Beta Ray Bill, Vahl and Thor Infinity War) can be unlocked pretty quickly if you farm the campaign nodes, and use your currencies to purchase their shards from the Raid, Blitz, and Arena stores.

    Hela is the focal point of a successful Asgardians team. She summons Undead Asgardian at the beginning of the match, and will automatically revive it when it dies. Also, after the death of an Asgardian teammate or an Undead Asgardian, Hela supplies all of her Asgardian allies with an extra 25% damage to all attacks.

    Thor is the muscle of the team. He’s not a standout when it comes to synergy bonuses, but he’s a must-use for building an Asgardian team. What makes him unique is his passive ability: God Of Thunder. This ability allows him to distribute a sweet 10% damage boost to Asgardian allies, and every time an enemy connects with an attack on an Asgardian, Thor gains +1 Charged. He can rack up a max of five charges, increasing his turn rate to deliver more attacks.

    Sif is the tank of the squad and is mostly known for her defensive stats. For example, she distributes an extra 10% Block Chance to all of her Asgardian buddies against all enemy attacks. Similarly, Heimdall has a few unique tools for an Asgardian team. Every time it's his turn, he heals his Asgardian crew by 5% of their Max Health. Talk about a life saver... See what I did there? Ok, I promise no more bad jokes. Focusing back to the important stuff. Heimdall also supports all Asgardian allies with an insane resistance of 10,000%.

    These three teams have their strengths and weaknesses, however, these teams are designed to win you battles consistently. With no hesitation, they will kick butt in every game mode. So, if you're serious about dominating, these teams are you need to have in your lineup. Thank me later, and start building these teams now!

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    Jeremy Block
    Jeremy Block
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