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How to build the best Wong deck and how to stop it

The ultimate guide for a Wong Deck and how to beat it

How to build the best Wong deck and how to stop it
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As Marvel continues to branch out and drop new cards, and re-work others, it becomes a task in itself to build effective decks and using synergy. Black Knight, Ebony Maw, Lady Sif, The Infiniaut are all cards that have been designed to complicate your strategy and have you invest time into putting together a fully loaded deck.

Wong comes in as a 4-cost, 2-power card that has the ability of “Your On Reveal abilities at this location happen twice”. Seems pretty straightforward, right? I thought so. Since Wong is only at 2-power, you need to have high power cards that offer massive abilities on a reveal. Here is the best deck for Wong currently:

  1. Rocket Raccoon
  2. Psylocke
  3. Wolfsbane
  4. Ebony Maw
  5. Black Panther
  6. Taskmaster
  7. Spiderwoman
  8. White Tiger
  9. Gamora
  10. Odin
  11. Arnim Zola
  12. (Wong)

Rocket Raccoon, Psylocke, and Wolfsbane are definitely not powerhouses when it comes to raw power. However, they offer resourceful on reveal abilities: Rocket Raccoon provides “If your opponent played a card here this turn, +2 Power.”, Psylocke provides “Next turn, you get +1 Energy”, and Wolfsbane gets +2 Power for each other card you have here.”. I like to call these cards: lead-offs. They are low in cost and provide quick startup synergy to get you ahead at the beginning of the match.

The rest of the deck is where the power and stronger synergy come from. This Wong deck is not a “set-in-stone” system to follow, but I found a lot of enjoyment and success with it. One thing I will say, based on my experience is that you MUST have Spider Woman, White Tiger, Black Panther and Odin in this deck. These three cards alone can probably win you a match. But being paired with Wong, makes this group of five a handful to match up against.


Spider Woman will “Afflict all enemy cards here with -1 Power”, White Tiger “Add an 8-Power Tiger to another location”, Black Panther “Double this card’s power”, and Odin will “Activate the On Reveal abilities of your other cards at this location”. All of these cards have killer abilities and can wreak havoc on your opponent, and with Wong, all of these abilities will be repeated! You can’t go wrong with this setup, at all.

Is There a Deck to Counter a Wong Deck?

Although, with a Wong-based deck being a top opponent now in Marvel Snap, there are still a few ways to counter it. So, let’s review Wong’s ability, “Your On Reveal abilities at this location happen twice”. You need cards that not only match his allies in power but also provide some sort of silencing or lock ability. I’ve attached a solid contender to lockdown the Wong Deck above:

  1. Enchantress
  2. Medusa
  3. Cosmo
  4. Gamora
  5. Shang-Chi
  6. Lady Deathstrike
  7. White Tiger
  8. Professor X
  9. Spiderman
  10. Hazmat
  11. HobGoblin
  12. Spiderwoman

This lineup will definitely do the trick on slowing down a Wong Deck. The real difference maker for this counter lineup is Cosmo, Enchantress, and Professor X. If played correctly, Cosmo could be the solution just by herself. Her ability will “On Reveal abilities won’t happen at this location.”. For the sake of analyzing this deck, let’s say Cosmo did not get the job done. Enchantress will “Remove the abilities from all Ongoing cards at this location.”. Lastly, Professor X simply “Lock down this location. (Cards can’t be added, removed, etc.)”. These three cards alone are the direct counter to Wong. The rest of the deck is there to pour on the power points and secure you the win.

In a nutshell, these cards are meant to be placed on the board after Wong appears. Only Professor X is a precautionary card and should be placed down beforehand, to avoid Wong’s ability to kick in. Hope this helps!

Jeremy Block
Jeremy Block
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