Marvel Snap's newest season brings in the immortal Eternals with the Celestials' Finest

All deviants must die, it seems

Marvel Snap's newest season brings in the immortal Eternals with the Celestials' Finest
  • Marvel Snap's newest season is coming with the Celestials' Finest
  • The Eternals arrive alongside Arishem the judge, with five new cards and two new locations
  • Additional card art albums by artists Skottie Young and Peach Momoko will also arrive

Marvel Snap's exploration of the Marvel Universe's uncharted corners continues in the latest season, the Celestials' Finest, with the Eternals. You can expect five new cards, two new locations and a host of new albums with exclusive card art in the coming weeks.

The Eternals, created by the king of comics Jack Kirby, are a unique form of human imbued with godlike powers by the interstellar beings known as the Celestials. Tasked with defending Earth against threats both within and without, they've butted heads with various villains and sometimes even heroes of the Marvel Universe.

This new season introduces Thena, Sersi, Makkari and Phastos alongside Arishem the Judge. You'll also be able to utilise the powers of the World Forge and Ark of the Eternals location to your advantage as you deploy these new heroes in Marvel Snap.

And it wouldn't be a new season without the introduction of new card albums. Artists Skottie Young (June 4th) and Peach Momoko (June 17th) will feature alongside the new Retro Future collection (July 1st).

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So how 'bout them Eternals ay?

For fans of Marvel comics, one of the big pluses of Marvel Snap has been its exploration of the wide world of the famous publisher. Whether that's obscure heroes and locations, or showcasing top artists from various series, it really feels like a love letter to the Mighty World of Marvel.

You can start enjoying the new cards as they arrive from June 4th to July 2nd, and check out all the new effects and abilities your Eternal host will boast in the Marvel Snap Blog.

Want to get the inside scoop as you get started with Marvel Snap? Check out our definitive tier list of every current card in Marvel Snap to see what you should pick up and what you should discard from your deck.

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