Marvel Move debuts new X-men storyline with the Hellfire Gala for Pride month

From comics artist Luciano Vecchio and writer Nemo Martin

Marvel Move debuts new X-men storyline with the Hellfire Gala for Pride month
  • Celebrate Pride and get fit with the X-men in the new Marvel Move event
  • Through Hellfire, Together pits you and a team of lesser-known X-men against anti-mutant terrorists
  • The even is designed by indie writer Dr Nemo Martin and illustrated by Marvel comics artist Luciano Vecchio

Marvel Move, the spin-off game from Zombies, Run! developers Six to Start is getting a new pride-themed event featuring artwork by top Marvel comics star Luciano Vecchio and indie writer Dr Nemo Martin. The new Through Hellfire, Together event releases today!

The new Pride-themed story takes you to the Hellfire Gala, Mutantkind's premiere social event from the recently-ended Krakoan Era. Basically, think the Met Gala, just with more superpowers. Unfortunately for mutantkind, this year's gala is going to the scene of a lot more drama than just the interpersonal kind.

By completing your workouts, you'll team up with lesser-known mutants like the shapeshifting Feint, professional super-powered thief Escapade, tiger-like Cam Long and everyone's favourite chill (pun intended) X-man, Iceman. Work with them to take down the anti-mutant hate group the Friends of Humanity, and get fit in the process!

Artwork by Luciano Vecchio for the new X-men pride event in Marvel Move Krakoa is for lovers

One thing that makes games like Zombies, Run! and Marvel Move stand out from your typical fitness-themed motion-tracking games is the fact that this isn't simple points-scoring or levelling up. The design decision to add an interactive storyline to give some serious oomph to your actual workouts is a pretty ingenious one. And while comics fans may be disappointed to see the X-men moving on from their island home of Krakoa, they'll at least get to visit it one last time in this Marvel Move event.

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