Marvel Future Revolution's latest update adds a new Epic Invasion featuring Magneto and his Sentinels

Marvel Future Revolution's latest update adds a new Epic Invasion featuring Magneto and his Sentinels

Marvel Future Revolution has released its newest update that features a tonne of new content. Players can expect to see the addition of the Pegasus Base, a new epic invasion storyline, new companions, certain balance adjustments, and much more. 

The Pegasus Base has been introduced to lower the repetitiveness of doing missions in Future Revolution. It will support the growth of the squad and will allow players to track mission progress and also give special benefits and other rewards. There are three mission types – Epic, Side, and Surprise, all having its own EXP and available rewards.

Meanwhile, it seems like Magneto is up to no good. Another dimension’s Storm has informed Omega Flight of Erik Lehnsherr nefarious plans, which involves awakening Sentinels to destroy all humanity and ensure that mutants are the only species on Earth. Magneto managed to hop between dimensions without being tracked and has already begun carrying out his plan. It is up to Omega Flight now to save Primary Earth.

Of course, defeating the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants and his Sentinels is quite a difficult task. Thus, to help players to special companions have been added – Thor and his friend from work, The Hulk! His uncontrollable power will be an asset on the battlefield as he smashes through his enemies, destroying everything around him. Thor, the God of Thunder is a hero wielding the all-powerful Mjolnir, one of the strongest weapons to exist. His roaring thunder releases electricity everywhere, dealing damage to everyone. These two will definitely help level the playing field against Magneto.

To participate in Magneto’s epic invasion, players must be level 50 or higher. There are five difficulty levels and a minimum Power Level required for each. Rewards for completing this story include Battle Badge Alloy, Gold, and Magneto's Seal which are required in crafting Special Battle Badges.

Get ready to defeat Magneto by downloading Marvel Future Revolution for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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