Tips and tricks for Marvel Avengers Alliance 2: Make Nick Fury proud

Deal out justice one wave of enemies at a time

Tips and tricks for Marvel Avengers Alliance 2: Make Nick Fury proud

If you've been looking for a new superhero fix, then you've probably already had a look at Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2.

It's a 3v3 battler that sees your favourite Marvel superheroes facing off against a variety of Marvel villains in turn-based battle.

It's also fairly daunting and complex, with a ton of menus, abilities, stats, class differences, and a host of other things to wrap your head around.

But fear not, as we have a few tricks and tips to help you out and make sure you're prepared to face off against the world of evil that awaits you within.

Make friends

Every time you enter a battle, you'll have to team up with another player, using one of their characters in your team to help you out.

After you win, you'll get the option to send them an ally request. When you do, hit "yes" straight away.

Making allies is useful for Daily Tasks, which can require you to use allied heroes in battle. Using an allied hero also gives you a bonus after a scrap.

Be picky

Whether you're gathering allies or not, you'll be randomly given a team-up hero before each battle, and if you are allying with people, you'll most likely be teamed-up with one of them.

Problem is, some of these heroes are a much lower level than your mission requires, and are likely to be a liability rather than any kind of help.

Swap them out. You can tap their picture and see a list of other potential team-ups, from both allies and strangers.

Sometimes a far more powerful hero will be available, which will make the next battle a cinch, and you can ally up with them afterwards if you haven't already.

Check your tasks

Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 has the usual assortment of side-missions, known as tasks, some of which are very specific.

For example, one of the tasks requires you to hit Rhino with 3 stun effects in Mission 1.3, which you can quite easily not do if you don't know about it.

Read up on the tasks. They're fairly straight forward to pull off, and the gold given for completing them can be very useful for unlocking more heroes.

Moreover, you need to check the Daily Tasks every day. They swap out every 24 hours, so be sure to have a look and make sure you know what needs doing to get those sweet rewards.

Go scouting

You may have completely missed the Scouting menu, mainly because it's never explicitly mentioned and not particularly useful at the start of the game.

But later on, when you start hitting the level 9 cap and need research equipment, you're going to want to have it ready to go.

So hit "Missions", then "Scouting", and dive into a scouting mission when you're levelled high enough to prevent the need for grinding later on.

Fight smart

When you start a battle your first turn for each character should always be a buff. It will give you a vital early advantage over your enemies.

Keep an eye on the timeline. You can plan which enemy to take down first, and see how far back using each ability will push you.

Have at least one "attack all" ability in your squad. At higher levels, this can make battles far shorter by wiping out a whole wave in one hit.

And make sure your heroes abilities complement one another. Some abilities take advantage of buffs provided by other abilities, so mix the two for maximum damage.