MapleStory M's September update introduces new Blaster class alongside a flurry on events and improvements

MapleStory M's September update introduces new Blaster class alongside a flurry on events and improvements
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Nexon has just launched a new content update for its mobile MMORPG Maplestory M, which brings a lot of new features. Players will find improvements and rebalances for the Evolution Dungeon and Chaos Expedition, alongside the addition of a new character class and a bunch of in-game events.

In the September update, players will be able to get their hands on Blaster, a new character class that is a warrior and freedom fighter who is a member of the Resistance. The Blaster, like many others, opposes the nefarious Black Mage group Black Wings.

In terms of combat, Blaster is reliant on Strength and deals extensive explosive damage. It possesses two unique weapons, a primary Arm Cannon and a secondary Charges Weapon. Using the Cannon helps fill up the character’s Dynamo Gauge, which can be used to fire a shot that deals immense damage when full. These skills can also be combined to make moves even more powerful.

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The addition of the Blaster will help some other characters too. A new Grow With Blaster event will be available until October 26th, which allows players to select a character that gains EXP every time Blaster levels up. This new class stands to win additional rewards for mission completion until October 18th.

A login event will also be active over the next week, giving Maplers limited-time pets and an auto-battle charge ticket just for launching the game. Furthermore, the Mega Burning Event, live until October 18th gives newly created characters two free levels each time they level up. Naturally, only one character per world can get benefits.

Finally, the Checky’s Extreme Part-Time Job event is slated to begin next month, tasking players with collecting ingredients by hunting monsters and participating in mini-games. And to top it all off, players finally can transfer the Arcane Symbol from one character to another, allowing for a tonne of extra benefits,

Get your hands on the Blaster by downloading MapleStory M now for free.

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