MapleStory M adds Angelic Buster and loads of in-game celebrations in third anniversary festivities

MapleStory M adds Angelic Buster and loads of in-game celebrations in third anniversary festivities
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MapleStory M is celebrating its third anniversary with a new character and special rewards for loyal fans. The mobile MMORPG from Nexon is introducing Angelic Buster - a cool-looking character with a dragon-shaped arm cannon - plus tons of new in-game events in this massive update.

Newbie players who reach level 10 will receive rewards for completing missions, as well as power up legendary items via treasure boxes. MapleStory M also welcomes Angelic Buster to the game, whose Soul Shooter weapon can unleash hell on waves of enemies, dealing devastating damage in a snap.

To amp up the festivities for the game’s third anniversary, the Crafting Merry-Go Round Event lets players hunt valuable materials from dungeons in order to upgrade their merry-go-round and score an awesome customized chair. The Magical Land Parade Event, on the other hand, lets players receive an all-time buff when they log-in during the event.

Meanwhile, users can earn coins when hunting during the Coin Drop Event, which can be exchanged at the Magical Land Coin Shop for valuable items. Coins can also be earned at the Jumping Cloud Cat Event, while the Angelic Buster’s Dressing Room lets players exchange special fabric to create a customized dress with an NPC.

Angelic Buster’s Concert Hall, Clash! Slimeshot Event, the Water Splash Event, Mr. Kim’s Gift Event, the Sunshine Point Event, and more await players during MapleStory M’s massive third anniversary celebration. You can follow @PlayMapleM on Twitter for all the latest updates, or give the game a go for yourself over on the App Store or on Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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