Maplestory is releasing a new collaboration with the pop icon Blackpink

Maplestory is releasing a new collaboration with the pop icon Blackpink
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Nexon has just announced a musical collaboration with Blackpink on its mobile MMORPG Maplestory M. Two episodes for this partnership have been released as a preview for the entire event.

In the first episode of the Maplestory M x Blackpink collaboration, players will be introduced to the group’s members and all their fashion style preferences. Then, episode two will see the squad divided in two. The Black team features Jisoo and Jennie while Rose and Lisa are part of the Pink Team.

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Both the groups will work with Nexon to design awesome collab items for the game. The singers also talk about their own gaming experiences and all the ideas they have given for the art team. It is going to be an epic crossover event.

To celebrate this collaboration, Nexon is also releasing a bunch of packages on Maplestory M. Each team has designed two packages that include face and hair beauty items. The Black ones are more bold, chic, and charismatic with items inspired by songs like Pink Venom and Shut down.

On the other hand, the Pink ones designed by Rose Lisa will be a little mellower as they feature cute, bubbly, and lively packages based on songs like As If It’s Your Last, Boombayah, Ice Cream, and DDU-SU DDU-DU. Both are unique and feature really cool stuff.

In addition to this, Nexon also released a Christmas update for the game a few days ago that finally added the Explorer Classes. The Warrior, Magician, Thief, Archer and Pirate classes have all been remastered. Find out more about this update in our dedicated article.

Begin participating in the new Blackpink crossover by downloading Maplestory M now for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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