[Update] Is it an Angry Bird? Is it a Pocket Plane? No, it's Man of Steel for iOS

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[Update] Is it an Angry Bird? Is it a Pocket Plane? No, it's Man of Steel for iOS
Updated on June 14th at 09:50: Man of Steel has swooped onto the Google Play Store. Android gamers can now pick it up for £3.18 [buy].

Original story follows...

Following in the footsteps of a lot of recent blockbusters, Zack Snyder's new Man of Steel movie has just got the mobile gaming tie-in treatment.

So, yes, this iOS and Android title represents the only chance gamers are going to get to relive the events of the newest Superman flick.

Unless you start wearing your underwear outside of your trousers and catching oil rigs when they fall over in your spare time, that is.

Anyway. True to platform, er, form, Phosphor Games's movie tie-in game is a third-person brawler in which you don Supes's cape and punch an invading army, led by General Zod, until it stops invading.

Man of Steel plays out a lot like Infinity Blade, then, with swipes on the screen translating into crunching super-punches.

Apparently, the events of the game mirror the plot of the film pretty closely, so it might be worth watching the movie first in case, well, you know.

Alongside Man of Steel's story mode, there's a survival mode where you punch through waves of goons for as long as you can. The action takes place in a number of famous locations, from the Kent Farm to Smallville.

Furthermore, you can purchase and unlock additional suits and upgrades. And given this is a Superman game, you can also fly, fire lasers out of your eyes, and move really, really quickly.

Man of Steel is available on the App Store right now. You can grab the iPhone version for £1.99 / $2.99 [buy] or the iPad-only HD version for £2.99 / $4.99 [buy].

It should be flying onto the Google Play Store tomorrow, by the way.

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