Check out the cards available in Magic: The Gathering Arena's Jumpstart 2021 Silver Assault pack

Check out the cards available in Magic: The Gathering Arena's Jumpstart 2021 Silver Assault pack

Last year, Magic: The Gathering introduced a new format, Jumpstart, that allowed players to skip deckbuilding and dive straight into a game simply by combining two special booster packs. Well, Jumpstart 2021 is now upon us, and today we can exclusively reveal one of those packs, alongside two cards printed especially for this set.

The pack we're sharing today is called Sliver Assault and features several cards based around the sliver creatures. In addition to recognisable cards found throughout the history of Magic: The Gathering, two new cards have been printed for this set. They are Baffling Defenses and Sarkhan's Score. You can check out the art and what they do in the image below:

If you're unfamiliar with the Jumpstar format, you can check out Magic's blog post from last year. If you are and just want to know what you can find in the Sliver Assault packs, you can find a complete list of the cards in the Jumpstart 2021 Sliver Assault pack, alongside their mana value, rarity and card set in the table below:

Card NameMana ValueRaritySetWeight
Bladeback Sliver 2 C MH1 34%
Cleaving Sliver 4 C MH1 34%
Cloudshredder Sliver 2 R MH1 100%
Enduring Sliver 2 C MH1 100%
First Sliver's Chosen 5 U MH1 100%
Hollowhead Sliver 3 U MH1 34%
Lancer Sliver 3 C MH1 34%
Lavabelly Sliver 3 U MH1 100%
Pacifism 2 C IKO 50%
Rip Apart 2 U STX 34%
Baffling Defenses 2 C J21 50%
Striking Sliver 1 C M14 33%
Bonescythe Sliver 4 R M14 33%
Steelform Sliver 3 U M14 33%
Blur Sliver 3 C M14 33%
Sarkhan's Scorn 3 C J21 50%
Justice Strike 2 U GRN 33%
Amorphous Axe 2 C MH1 50%
Sentinel Sliver - C M14 33%
Spiteful Sliver - R MH1 33%
Belligerent Sliver - U M15 33%
Hive Stirrings - C M14 33%
Integrity // Intervention - U GRN 33%
Cycling Land -     100%

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