Pastagames! sings DS's praises with Maestro! Jump In Music

Musical platformer offers bonus sing-a-long points

Pastagames! sings DS's praises with Maestro! Jump In Music
| Maestro! Jump In Music

It's good to see small French studios are still keen on banging out innovative games for the DS.

A couple of weeks ago, we interviewed a very enthusiastic Denis Mercier about his puzzle platformer DodoGo!

Now comes news of another Paris-based studio with a game with an exclamative name: to be precise Pastagames! and its Maestro! Jump In Music.

As the title suggests, this is a music-based game in which you have to scrape, rub, tap and whirl your stylus in time to the rhythm. Helping you along the way will be Presto, a cartoon bird, who will jump as you strum the string, flying around with his little wings to reach the music score.

In addition to following the music and propelling Presto onwards, other obstacles will include special strings, flying enemies, and targets to knock down. And singing along with the music via the DS' microphone will earn you bonus points.

As for the soundtrack, it will be mixture of classical and contemporary with Beethoven's 5th Symphony, Brahms' Hungarian Dances, and Dvorak's Symphony From the New World rubbing alongside Fame, ABC, and Our House.

Sounds like a riot.

But, sadly, as with DodoGo!, Maestro! Jump In Music has yet to find a publisher - at least for the UK - apparently Bigben will be handling other European territories. The release date is said to be in the autumn. And we'll be keeping a beady eye on its progress.

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