Maestro! Jump in Music coming to indie DSiWare channel

Part of Nintendo's 'Minis' line-up

Maestro! Jump in Music coming to indie DSiWare channel
| Maestro! Jump In Music

Sony already has 50 games pencilled in for release as part of its PSP Minis initiative for indie developers, and it seems Nintendo is doing similar work behind-the-scenes.

Of course, being Nintendo, it's not actually telling anyone about this, so the news is leaking out of individual developers.

The latest to confirm it's part of the process is French developer Pastagames!

Its Maestro! Jump In Music, a rhythm-based platformer, has previously been confirmed as a retail DS release, at least in some European countries.

According to GoNintendo however, a version will also be coming to DSiWare, priced at 200 Nintendo Points ($2 or £1.80).

Quite what the difference in the content will be hasn't been confirmed but it seems highly unlikely we'll get our hands on anything like the full version for that price.

It also raises the nasty spectre that DSiWare might end up nothing more than a bargain bin for cutdown versions of full games. We certainly hope not.