Madden NFL 22 Mobile: Three things to know about the American football simulation game

Madden NFL 22 Mobile: Three things to know about the American football simulation game

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The Madden NFL franchise has been a mainstay in sports gaming and is one of the most recognizable video games in the United States and possibly the world. Most folks may have heard the name "Madden" before with the game being named after legendary coach and broadcaster John Madden. The game is so popular, though, that most may be more familiar with the game than with the man himself. 

It's been a bumpy road in recent years for the longtime series, but one version of the game that always remains steady is the mobile one, and so, EA Sports dropped Madden NFL 22 Mobile for American Football fans who love mobile gaming.

If you've never played a Madden Mobile game before but are a series vet on PC or console, then we'll tell you some of the things you should know about the mobile game, this year in particular. I'll say that there's a solid blend of difference and familiarity. 

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Madden Ultimate Team is The Juice

Madden NFL 22 Mobile three things to know

There are a few different things you can do in Madden NFL Mobile, but one mode that is major is Ultimate Team. MUT is a long-running mode that has been popular on consoles and PC for years. You collect different cards of NFL players from the past and present to build a team.

So, if you're new to Madden, it's essentially like fantasy football except you can actually control the team. Also, as mentioned, you can collect legends too such as Jerry Rice or Walter Payton. So this is the main way to play the game and it's something that has become popular amongst other mobile sports games.

If you're into both collecting and playing, then you may like this mode if you're new. If you've played Madden on console or PC before, then you should know all about MUT. Grab those cards and then hit the gridiron.

Quarters Are Very Short

For years, one small issue that some Madden fans had was how long the games took. Modern Madden games now have an option to speed up quarters by making the clock go faster during moments of non-play. On Madden NFL Mobile, the same is true but the solution here is simpler. They shorten each quarter.

Each quarter is no longer than a couple of minutes and you can go as low as 45 seconds per quarter once that option is unlocked. This is always a welcoming feature in sports games. Each game has the right amount of balance here so you can get through them quickly without removing the immersion.

Going from game to game fast will let you earn more cards quicker and build your NFL dynasty at a better pace. And although most sports games once had the issue of speed, the Madden NFL and NCAA Football games were probably most notorious for the length of the games and so it's nice seeing this trend continue with the mobile game.

Traditional NFL Play

Yes, Madden Ultimate Team is the core of the mobile experience, but that doesn't mean you can't play with your favorite teams. Furthermore, you can play with the current rosters as well in Madden NFL Mobile to give a more "real-life" feel so to speak. You can do this via Seasons mode. This is also the same mode where the 45 second quarters can be unlocked.

Now, this roster thing may seem like it was supposed to be obvious, but you'd be surprised; many licensed sports games (as great as they are) force you to go the fantasy route. This lets you get more of a traditional style of Madden football.

Packers fan wanting to lob up passes to Davante Adams from Aaron Rodgers? You can do that. Are you a Bears fan who's excited to see rookie QB Justin Fields in-game? You can use him in a Bears uniform. Depending on your fandom level, this may or may not be a big deal, but it's a nice feature to have nonetheless. You can also stick with the fantasy route in Seasons as well.

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