Madden 21 Mobile: Three great positions to add to your squad

Madden 21 Mobile: Three great positions to add to your squad

Time to bolster up.

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Madden NFL Mobile 21 is one of the many sports-oriented games that allow you to build up your team via virtual cards. This style of play has become wildly popular over the years thanks to FIFA Ultimate Team and NBA 2K's MyTEAM modes. Now, it has become the epitome of many mobile sports games.

The players you can earn is totally random (with the exception of certain rewards) which makes it fun and interesting. It's essentially like going to the store and picking up a pack of sports cards and ripping them open, only here you're actually putting the cards to work.

So really, it's almost like a combination of card collecting mixed in with a bit of fantasy football ins some ways. Again, the cards you collect are mostly at random, but with that said, what are a few key positions to look out for in your card collecting career? This is more a general football thing, but can most definitely be applied to Madden Mobile. In the end, it's up to you what you think is most critical, but here's some food for thought as you prepare to battle it out on the gridiron.

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This is without a doubt the most obvious choice of them all. On many occasions, a great quarterback can improve your team's chances at winning a Super Bowl. Just look at Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. They went up against a San Francisco 49ers team in LIV that was loaded from top to bottom while the Chiefs, although great in their own right, were not quite as deep. The difference was at the QB position where Mahomes led them to victory.

The position is not only the most important in football but arguably the most critical in all of American sports. So if you can snatch up a good QB card to add, then that could do wonders for your squad. You do start off with a gift card of Baltimore Ravens MVP QB Lamar Jackson so that's not too shabby. That said, it's always nice to hunt down cards with even higher ratings.

Offensive Tackle

In football, a great offensive tackle can have a major impact on your offense and that goes for Madden Mobile 21. The whole offensive line is important, but a solid OT is arguably the most effective because of where they are on the line and how much bigger they are.

They usually reside on the far right or left of the line and this is where QB thirsty linebackers will often come around. You see a player like Khalil Mack always going around the line instead of through them, using his speed and strength to his advantage.

An amazing OT can really help protect your quarterback. Again, having the whole line being great is important, but if you can snatch up a good offensive tackle or two, it will make your offense all that more dangerous. It's just up to you to make the right throws or runs.

Defensive End

The third choice on our list was tough because there's a couple of other great positions to consider, but the old saying is "defense wins championships" and although that's not as true anymore in today's NFL, a good enough defense is paramount. And there aren't many positions and that side of the ball that can be as disruptive as a defensive end.

Sure, linebackers, and safeties will make some of the big highlight plays, but great defensive end play can affect the rest of your defense. For starters, they can sack the quarterback for a loss of yards which can give you a ton of momentum on defense.

Another thing that they do is force the QB to make panicky throws when under pressure or force them to throw the ball away. If the former occurs, then this could potentially lead to an interception opportunity, giving your squad the ball. Similarly to the o-line, having the whole d-line being great is very nice, but if it isn't complete, then a couple of great DEs can definitely help.

Honorable Mention: Tight End

A position that can do a bit of everything for you on the offensive, having a well-rounded tight end is always a great addition for your team. They can block, catch, and play some special teams if needed. They really are the whole package.


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