Lords Mobile best heroes for Colosseum

Lords Mobile best heroes for Colosseum
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In today’s article, we are going to talk about the Lords Mobile's best heroes for Colosseum. Some people don’t really care about this mode at all. On the other hand, though, there are so many people who buy heroes just for the sole reason of competing in the Colosseum and trying to climb the ladder. That’s one of the great things about Lords Mobile. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

If you are one of these players, or maybe a new player who likes the idea of competing against other players and climbing to the top, this list of Lords Mobile's best heroes is for you!

What is the Colosseum in Lords Mobile? 

By challenging enemy players you can climb the ladder and rise to the top of your Kingdom. When you defeat another player of a higher ranking, you will exchange rankings with that player. 

There are two different hero formations in the Colosseum:

The defense formation, and the offense formation. The defense formation will be used automatically whenever an enemy player challenges you. The offensive formation, on the other hand, will be used when you decide to challenge an enemy player and it can be changed before every battle.

How to take part in Colosseum?

To participate in it, first, you need to unlock it! And Colosseum unlocks at Castle level 10. There are five free entries per day. After that, you can use gems to get additional entries. If you have Bonehead familiar, then its skill can also provide 3 to 10 additional entries. The skill's cooldown depends on its level, of course.

Now that we've got the basics out of the way (mainly for new players), it's time to move on to our list of Lords Mobile best heroes!

Lords Mobile best heroes for Colosseum

Lore Weaver

If you are an experienced player this comes as no surprise. Colosseum or otherwise, Lore Weaver is just an excellent all-around unit. Her kit just has everything that you need. Stun? Check. Healing? Check. Damage Reduction? Stun? Whatever you might want, this unit has it. Sometimes it’s really that simple.

Grove Guardian

A great kit overall, which includes a stun and that’s always great when it comes to Colosseum. But.. against mage comps is where Grove Guardian truly shines. If you already competing in Colosseum you know that there are many mage comps running around, making it one of the best heroes in Lords Mobile.

Rose Guardian

The most powerful F2P unit period point-blank. She’s a tank with around 1k def that can heal, shield and stun/interrupt enemy units. On top of all that, her damage is pretty solid. What more can you ask?

Witch Doll

This unit can buff her allies DEF (150), can stun enemy units for 5 seconds in a medium-size area, it has a pretty decent DEF base that can counter assassins plus heals.

Petite Devil

This unit brings ALL kinds of magic damage. Over time, burst damage, you name it. Devil’s kit also has a ridiculous five (5!!) seconds GLOBAL stun. In Colosseum, five seconds is the equivalent of five hours. Well.. maybe not exactly, but you get the idea. It’s a really LONG stun.

If there’s a problem with this unit it's that due to her really high INT, she’s the primary target of enemy units usually. Oh and her defense. She has none whatsoever.


What do you want from your tank? Some crowd control? How about freeze and knockback? Area of effect skills? What about an MDEF buff? Sounds good? Oh almost forgot, she can also buff the STR of her allies.

Demon Slayer

This unit has a lot of uses. One of the best free to play heroes when it comes to Colosseum for sure. Do you want to kill the enemy’s team healer? Demon Slayer can do that for you. Are you looking for someone to jump the enemy’s backline? Demon Slayer can do that for you as well.


Demon Slayer and Tracker is the very definition of ‘wombo combo’. Her stun plus Demon Slayer’s jump equals a very bad time for the enemy. On top of that, Tracker’s damage is very respectable. Oh, and it’s also a free unit.


A very nice support unit that can also do area damage. Because he's an STR hero that means he will probably stay on for a long time and that’s always good for a unit that buffs its team. Boommeister will provide pierce and additional damage to his allies.

With this, we are closing off our list of best heroes for the Colosseum in Lords Mobile. If you have other suggestions, please let us know in the comments below, and we will make sure to consider them. 

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