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Lords Mobile Monster Hunt - Tips for building the best teams to slay beasts

Let the monster hunt begin!

Lords Mobile Monster Hunt - Tips for building the best teams to slay beasts
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There are multiple guides and lists online that will show you the ‘best’ party for Lords Mobile monster hunt. Those lists have been tested, they work great and you can deal the most damage with them, but there’s a problem though. What if you don’t have the specific heroes that are on those lists? What if you don’t have their passives maxed out or gear?

So with that being said, I thought it would be much better if we do a general Lords Mobile monster hunt in this article. Sure you might be doing 1% or 2% or 3% less damage than the ‘best’ party out there (depending on the level), but I don’t think that’s the end of the world right? But more importantly, you’ll learn how to figure out on your own, what kind of parties you want to send out against each monster based on the heroes that YOU have.

What is a Lords Mobile monster hunt?

First thing’s first though, what exactly is a Lords Mobile monster hunt, new players might be wondering? The answer is pretty simple. In Lords Mobile, a monster hunt is a part of the game where you just send a hero party to hit and kill monsters on the map to get rewards. Any player can do it, no matter their level. The only requirement is to be in a guild.

Why you should do a monster hunt?

As a new player, if you are wondering why you should bother with a hunt, the answer again is simple. You get rewards such as Gems, shields, speed-ups, hero chests and monster chests. Plus you are being a good guild member, but more about that later on. You can also get some of those rewards through Lords Mobile codes, of course.

Lords Mobile Noceros monster


There are five levels of monsters on the map that you can hunt. Level 1 being the easiest and level 5 the hardest. Levels 1 to 4 can be found anywhere in the Kingdom, while level 5 will be found at the Kingdom’s base.

Monster Manual

Each monster has strengths and weaknesses. In order to find out what those strengths and weaknesses are, go over the creature and tap on the ‘i’ to the left of your screen (see picture) to open ‘Monster Manual’.

How to determine your hunting party?

Lords mobile monster hunt for Tidal Titan

So, in this picture, we see that ‘Tidal Titan’, does physical type of damage and it’s strong against ‘High PDEF’. That automatically means that we don’t want to send heroes who deal physical type damage to fight it. Instead, we should focus on sending out casters aka magic damage dealers.

We see that the manual gives us another tip: ‘Bring healers and heroes with powerful magic to take it down’. So there you have it. Put together a party of your best healers and magic damage dealers against this one.

Let’s check another one, Blackwing. We see that Blackwing deals magic type of damage and it’s also strong against ‘high magic defense’. You already know what that means. We don’t want to send magic dealers to kill this one. But let’s continue reading the manual for more tips that will help us figure out our party.

Blackwing manual

‘The Blackwing constantly hungers for blood, and will always lock onto the healthiest target in sight! Its venomous fangs nullify all Life Leech effects, and its thick hide protects it from the strongest magical attacks. Take it down with brute physical force!’

Based on that tip, we see that it’s pointless sending out a hero that deals magic damage, plus ‘life leech’ has no effect against that monster. We also see that this creature will attack the hero with the most HP. So a good party would be something like “Demon Slayer, Black Crow, Scarlet Bolt, Tracker, Trickster”. Are you missing some of these heroes? It’s fine, just send another one that does physical type of damage.

Hunting Bus

This is when a guild decides to go on a monster hunt. 50 people, 100 people or whatever they all go hunting high-level monsters. In the end, you’ll be rewarded with a large number of chests depending on how many monsters you slay, obviously. You need to find a guild that does that though. Usually, there are set times that a guild does that kind of activity.

General tips for a Lords Mobile monster hunt

1. Monster hunt research tree passives will increase your monster hunting damage and will also provide an energy boost. It’s important as a new player to start working on maxing those passives out.

2. Heroes' trophies and medals should be maxed out in order to get the most damage. It’s important if you want to have high DPS to work on these passives. Of course, gear should be as well, that goes without saying. But, if you are a F2P player, worry about that later.

3. Full energy hit should be used only if a) you have no time and you are in a rush then it’s understandable and b) when the monster that you’ve worked on is really low and you can secure the kill. Be smart about it and don’t waste your energy for no reason. Calculate how much damage you need before you decide to go for a full energy hit. Every time you use a single hit, the next hit you will do it will deal more damage as the damage boost buff goes up!

4. Try to save your energy for the many events that take place in Lords Mobile and don’t just waste it for no reason. Also do not waste familiars' support skills on low-level monsters. Creatures should be at least lv3 if you are going to use a familiar skill against it. Those skills have really long cooldown.

5. Activate the hunting ground before you send your heroes to get the full value out of the skill. Keep in mind that you are only going to get a damage boost, not a reward boost.

6. Swift hunter jewels, even if they don’t seem like a lot, they certainly add up. Use them, especially if you are F2P you need whatever boost you can get. You have turf boost skills. Use them especially if you are doing a monster-hunting event or bus!

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