VisualDreams shakes up match-3 gaming with physics infused Linkies

Much more dynamic

VisualDreams shakes up match-3 gaming with physics infused Linkies
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Sometimes the simplest games can be the most fun.

That's my first impression of Linkies from Swedish studio VisualDreams.

It's very much in the loose pattern of a match-3-meets-physics game, in which you match different types of toxic barrels (yes, there's a cute backstory and funny one-eyed characters) to make them disappear.

Interestingly, the game is fairly high-end using 3D graphics - albeit within a 2.5D world - while you create matches by pulling an elastic line over the symbols, which enables you match barrels that are close but aren't touching.

Hence, because Linkies isn't based on a grid as with Bejeweled and the like, the game has a much more arcade-y and dynamic feel.

Also, as matched barrels explode, so the ones on top come flowing down, adding some tactics in terms of which matches you want to make first.

Match made in heaven

You're rated on how quickly you can gain the points required to complete each level, using the usual three star approach.

And feeding into the progression loop, you also get coins. These are used to buy upgrades such as grenades, which help you clear levels quicker. The game is paid but you can buy more with cash if you want.

There's certainly a lot of content available too. In the main mode, there are 90 levels plus there's a fast Blitz mode, all of which is backed with Game Center leaderboards.

Finally, you can even track how many copies of the game have been purchased via its website, which updates in real-time.

Linkies is available now for iPhone and iPad, priced 99c, €0.79 or 69p.

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