How to level up early in Lineage 2: Revolution

It’s all about experience

How to level up early in Lineage 2: Revolution

Lineage 2: Revolution, the latest chapter in the South Korean MMORPG franchise from Netmarble, arrived on mobile last year across Europe and North America. Since then, players have feverishly hacked and slashed their way to 170 million hours of play. That’s a lot of catching up for newbies to do. Thankfully, we’ve come up with a handful of hints to give you a head start, whether you’re elven, dwarfish or plain old human. Here’s how to level up fast.

Auto-quest is best

Whilst manual play is an option (and sometimes an advantage in PVP), setting Lineage 2: Revolution to auto-quest – especially when you’re off doing other things – means your character is always being productive, earning experience points and farming for loot. You can even let things run overnight.

Make sure you tweak your auto settings, though – these can tell your character how selective to be about loot, what kind of combat range to use, when to consume potions and so on.

Quest daily

Completing your Daily and Weekly Quests (which, despite the name, can be completed daily) is the easiest way to gain experience points for levelling up. It’s also often the easiest way to keep up with the level requirements of the Main Quests in Story Mode.

Use A and S grade Quest Scrolls close to your level to complete sub-quests for additional experience. You can find them by grinding, or buy them using Adena (for A-grade scrolls) or red diamonds (for S-grade scrolls). When buying them in the shop, don’t be too dissuaded by the price tag – you’ll earn most of it back upon quest completion. You can complete 5 sub-quests per day, and reset the limit up to 3 times in exchange for red diamonds.

Reap the rewards

Play Lineage 2: Revolution for an hour or more each day to earn an A-Grade Einhasad's Blessing potion – this boosts your field and extraction experience by 100%, making levelling up quicker. Use this wisely in areas where you know you’ll be gleaning high levels of experience, such as against rare summoned monsters or later in the Extraction Dungeon.
As barmy as it sounds, you can also earn experience points by not playing. You’ll gain Recess Points when logged out, which can be exchanged for experience points – which can then be doubled using diamonds.

Upgrade and trade

Whilst player level is important, especially for progressing in the Story Mode, Combat Power is the biggest factor in how formidable an opponent you are. Rather than just focusing on levelling up, make sure you keep upgrading, combining and replacing your equipment.

You’ll also need to use Monster Cores, Elixirs and Rune Imprints to boost your stats. All of this will make you tougher, and better equiped to defeat your foes.

The more the merrier

It pays to be social in Lineage 2: Revolution, and that’s especially true with the clan system. Clans level 5 and over can use kindling to make a clan fire in their designated clan hall – when members gather round, they earn experience points every few seconds. The more members gather (including those from allied clans), the bigger the experience bump.

You can also spend clan coins in the Clan Shop, earned by donating Adena, Proof of Blood and Red Starstone. You can buy chests full of experience points this way, meaning less time grinding to level up.

Even if you eschew the clan system, fighting mobs alongside a party gains you extra experience, so it’s often better to join forces than go it alone.

Follow these tips and you’ll be levelling up in no time. Download Lineage 2: Revolution for free on Android and iOS.