5 new things to check out in the recent Lineage 2: Revolution update

Getting bigger and better

5 new things to check out in the recent Lineage 2: Revolution update

Following its launch last year in Europe and North America, Lineage 2: Revolution has continued to adapt and evolve to give players the best Action RPG experience possible. From the highly-anticipated Fortress Sieges which were added late last year to it’s 100th day anniversary event back in March, developers Netmarble are back at it again with a new Spring update known as ‘Castle Siege’.
There’s a wealth of new content and features to sink your sword into. But to get you started, here are five things to check out first: Merged servers There’s nothing worse than not being able to load into a server quickly. That’s why Lineage 2’s Castle Siege update not only is adding more, but merging many existing servers to improve the time it will take for players to jump in. With the update’s titular Castle Sieges required to accommodate PvP battles hosting up to 200 players, Netmarble are hoping to accommodate the influx without any issues. Level cap increase As promised, heroes traversing the world of Aden who have reached the current maximum level of 180 will soon be able to upgrade themselves further. The new level cap limit will be increased from present Lv.180 to Lv.260, granting new challenges and opportunities for players who feel like they’re ready for it. Because of the new maximum level capacity, many of the Quests, Achievements, Elixirs, Skill Runes, and Monster Codexes featured in Lineage 2: Revolution will be adjusted accordingly. There’s plenty of reasons to grind up to Lv.260 and many additional rewards waiting for those who do so.

A totally new region

You’ll have plenty of opportunity to test out your new level cap by way of Oren. A totally new region complete with its own races, landscapes, and gear to discover, Oren Territory has been exclusively designed for those who are Lv 180 or higher. Some of the new locations in Oren include Northwind Plateau, Eternal Lands and the Ivory Tower Conquered Territory.

As a nice throwback to fans of Lineage 2: Revolution’s PC version, it’s here where you can also find known monsters such as Oel Mahum, Timak Orc, and Leto Lizardman. Defeating the bosses found throughout Oren might see you unearth rare Monster Summoning Stones, which can then help you progress with your Monster Codex.

Expanded Tower of Insolence

Lineage 2: Revolution’s raid-like gauntlet, those who have dared enter the Tower of Insolence will know that its floors test even the most experienced teams. The higher the floor, the more difficult the hunt. The tower had consisted of just 14 floors prior to the Castle Siege update, but now, it’s been expanded to an ambitious 100. In-depth strategy is a must when attempted to scale them all.

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Grade UR equipment added

What good’s taking the fight to enemies if you haven’t got the brutal strength and can’t look epic doing it? Netmarble understands this, now letting players upgrade their SR grade weapons and armour into grade UR equipment. Your gear will need to be rank 30 or higher to boost these stats, along with a radiant upgrade stone which isn’t too hard to come by.

Upgrading your equipment to UR grade means being able to tackle challenges that were previously quite taxing before much easier, all while retaining current enhances, limit breaks, sub stats, and other attributes.

There’s so much waiting in the Castle Siege update. Download Lineage 2: Revolution for free on Android and iOS.