Line Rider comes to mobile

Pencils at the ready for the famous line-drawing web game

Line Rider comes to mobile
| Line Rider Mobile

Ever played Line Rider? If not, you should. It's a marvellous web game that sees you drawing your own track for a little chap on a sled to zoom down – complete with hills, ramps, jumps and giant teddy bears (or is that last one just us?)

It's already been announced that the game is coming to Nintendo DS, and now it's getting a mobile version too. In-Fusio has signed up the rights, and will release Line Rider Mobile in September this year.

There's no news on how the game will work on phones – a concern, given the fact that online the game relies on you using a mouse to draw your scenery, while DS will handle it with its stylus. And please don't get excited by the screenshot above, by the way – it's from the online version, as In-Fusio hasn't released any mobile shots yet.

However, In-Fusio has said that Line Rider Mobile will let players share the tracks they create with each other, either by sending them wirelessly from handset to handset, or by uploading them to the Official Line Rider website.

We're certainly intrigued, so click 'Track It!' to hear as soon as we get more details on the mobile version.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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