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Lego Bricktales, the newest entry into the massive Lego game lineage, officially launches at last

Lego Bricktales, the newest entry into the massive Lego game lineage, officially launches at last
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After being announced earlier this month, the next big adventure in the increasingly large Lego games collection, Lego Bricktales, has finally been released onto mobile. This new puzzle exploration combo will see you enter a world of blocky environments and charmingly pleasant scenarios which you’ll then have to crack using a wide variety of Lego builds and skills.

Ah, Lego. It seems to never matter how old you’ve gotten or how your taste in games and hobbies has changed, as Lego stays one of the most fun properties out there. Whether these come in the actual physical building sets, Star Wars games, or superhero-themed movies, Lego has been successful in just about every venture.

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Perhaps this is due to the vibes of Lego as a whole seeming to awaken just about everyone’s inner child. And the good news is, Bricktales is absolutely no different. You can see it in the trailer above, or at least I could, as the entire thing just harkens back to days of building sets with family members and enjoying the simplistic nature of the pleasant vibes that Lego has always given off.

This is helped by the rather simplistic yet engaging gameplay that Bricktales offers. While it is a puzzle game, none of this will be as complex or stress-inducing as other genre contemporaries, and is instead just simply something to do within a world that you’re meant to sit back and relax within.

You’ll solve most of these puzzles by building your own pieces brick-by-brick and utilising them within the world, making this title even more nostalgic than it already felt. It truly hopes to capture that wonderful feeling of creating your own unique adventures with Lego bricks and watching them come to life.

If that sounds great to you, you can currently purchase Lego Bricktales for only $4.99 at either of the links below!

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