LEGO Bionicle Arena heads for phones

You wait ages for one brick-based racer...

LEGO Bionicle Arena heads for phones

We've only just written about LEGO Racers, and there's already news of another driving game based on the legendary toy franchise. However, as the name implies, LEGO Bionicle Arena is based on its Bionicle sub-brand (think monstery robots).

The game's being developed by Kiloo, which is also responsible for the other LEGO mobile games.

And it sounds like LEGO Bionicle Arena is taking a similar approach to LEGO Racers, in that it's a top-down racing game where you aim to collect power-ups as you zip round the track, beefing up your speed and weapons while also boosting your score.

Kiloo's Karl Woods described it to us as 'a modern-day Mario Kart with a metallic edge', which sounds promising. The game is due out by the Summer, and Kiloo will be the publisher, rather than Hands On Mobile, which is bringing LEGO Racers out.