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League of Pantheons, Neocraft’s battle of Gods idle RPG, has launched on Android and iOS

League of Pantheons, Neocraft’s battle of Gods idle RPG, has launched on Android and iOS
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Neocraft’s new idle RPG, League of Pantheons, which pits deities from different mythologies against each other has officially launched for Android and iOS. It will see a culmination of gods, characters, and other content from various pantheons in an anime-style adventure.

League of Pantheons will include immortal beings from a multitude of mythos like Greek, Norse, Japanese, Egyptian, and more on its roster. These all-powerful beings are set to battle it out in thrilling fights. Expect to see mythical legends like the God of the Sky and Olympus – Zeus, the Aesir and ruler of Asgard – Odin, the Trickster and Monkey god Wukong, and the Japanese god of Sea and Storms, all duke it out against one another.

Players will create a squad of their heroes whose goal is to prevent evil forces from taking over the world. There is a lot of room for customization because there are over 100 available heroes from eight major mythologies which can then be paired with Gear, Runes, and Artifacts to bolster their powers. Dress these heroes up in some epic skins to feel even more powerful.

The game is simple but involves a lot of strategizing with five elements and four major positions to consider. Players can make unique combos, hero synergies, meta, and counter-meta. Summon all the Ancient Legends to completely change the tide of the battle.

While gods from all different pantheons fighting each other sounds like a strenuous task, playing League of Pantheons is actually quite easy. There’s no stress and absolutely no meaningless grinding, a single tap and players can earn XP, Gold, and Epic Loot. It all works offline as well.

League of Pantheons has a little bit for everyone with single player, multiplayer, cross-server, and endless battles. Playing this week will also award players with 200 free draws to obtain heroes sooner. As a launch bonus, Neocraft is also giving out a hundred free summons, unlimited rerolls, and a cart full of diamonds.

Battle with the gods by downloading League of Pantheons for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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