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Turn-based fantasy RPG Lazara Battle Heroes launches into early access on Google Play

Turn-based fantasy RPG Lazara Battle Heroes launches into early access on Google Play

Lazara Battle Heroes is a newly released idle RPG from indie developer Gadgets Gaming. It serves up an impressive comic book aesthetic and a meaty story campaign set in a fantastical land of heroic champions and mysterious dark forces.

It offers a layered turn-based combat experience, successfully balancing depth and accessibility. Right now, there are 17 unique characters to collect, all boasting their own special skills and fighting styles. This number is set to rise to 30 over time, which should help to keep combat fresh and exciting.

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The game's story is classic fantasy fare. A great evil is now rising, and the race in on to recruit heroes to your cause and prepare for the incoming battle. It looks great while telling its tale, boasting a distinctive art style and plenty of inspired character designs.

When not out questing or delving deep into monster-filled dungeons, you can leave your heroes to train. This is where Lazara's smart idle elements come into play. By not leaning too heavily on the idle mechanics, it manages to appeal to both casual players and mobile RPG enthusiasts alike.

Outside of training your heroes, you can also equip them with rare gear and items earned from progressing through the story or completing dungeons. Helping out a friend to complete the trickier missions is also possible, and it's easy to find fellow adventurers online.

Idle RPG fans and lovers of a good fantasy tale would be wise to check out the free-to-play Lazara Battle Heroes over on Google Play.