Laya's Horizon, the newest project from the developers of Alto's Adventure, is due to launch soon courtesy of Netflix Games

Laya's Horizon, the newest project from the developers of Alto's Adventure, is due to launch soon courtesy of Netflix Games

After some light teasing from the developers of Alto’s Adventure, the next big project from Snowman has been revealed at last. Laya’s Horizon is a gorgeous-looking new take on a formula not too far off from what made Alto’s Adventure so good, this time focusing on acrobatic floaty movement centred around something like a wingsuit.

Alto’s Adventure is one of those games that nearly everyone who owns a smartphone has either played or at least heard of. It was a relatively simple game that saw you snowboarding down various parts of a massive mountain, performing huge jumps and cool tricks all within an absolutely gorgeous 2D environment full of charm and a beautiful soundtrack.

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Now it seems that Snowman looked at that formula and decided they didn’t want to stray too far, but still wanted to try something newer with Laya’s Horizon. The first biggest change is that the game is entirely 3D this time around, allowing you to explore a fantastical geometric world that seems to go to and fro different biomes with changing weather.

The other biggest change is the way you get around. The days of simple ground-based boarding are gone, and have now been replaced with a wingsuit. You will be fully flying throughout this new fantastical world, traversing all of those beautiful biomes in elegant fashion. It’s clear the budget for this one was helped out by the immense success of Alto’s Adventure, as the animation and the graphical fidelity have been improved upon tenfold.

Laya’s Horizon will be a Netflix Games exclusive upon launch, and hopes to capture the essence of exploration and meditative beauty that Alto’s Adventure dealt in spades, just with a new way of playing this time around. If that sounds great to you, you’ll be able to give it a go when it launches on May 2nd for Netflix subscribers.

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