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Touch! Kirby is all about touchscreen control

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Poor ol’ Kirby. Things ain’t so good in Dream Land. A wicked witch (what other witches are there?) has turned it into a flat picture world and Kirby into a ball. The good news is that DS stylus in hand, you can sort out the mess, save Dream Land and help Kirby regain his shape.

First thing you have to learn is how to move Kirby around, which you do by drawing rainbow paths for him on the DS touchscreen using the stylus. These paths give Kirby access to power-ups. You can draw loops to speed him up, ramps to help him jump danger and walls to block lasers and cannon blasts too.

You can also wield the stylus as a weapon - using it to attack enemies - touch them to freeze the enemies and then tap Kirby to collide with them so he can copy their abilities and transform into special Kirby types. These include Burning Kirby who can blaze a trail at high speed, Stone Kirby who can sink into the bottom of water and Wheel Kirby who can cruise at high speeds to launch to distant areas.

Combining these moves and tricks, you’ll have to make your way through seven levels, each of which consists of three stages and contain bosses such as Kirby favourites like King Dedede, Kracko or Paint Roller, which have to be defeated to progress through the game.

A single-player-only game, Touch! Kirby is due for release in November

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