King Kong Pinball slams onto mobile

But hang on, I don't remember him wandering into an arcade in the film?

King Kong Pinball slams onto mobile
| King Kong Pinball

So in terms of narrative relevance, King Kong Pinball is a shameless tie-in. There never was a pinball scene in the movie – although we may be proved wrong when Peter Jackson's 18-hour director's cut is inevitably released.

Nevertheless, Gameloft has decided to follow up its well-received King Kong action game with a pinball sim. And it's looking pretty good, as you can see from these screenshots.

The game features a single table, which manages to include most of the film's pivotal moments: the dinosaur attacks in the jungle, the planes flying around the empire state building, the bit where the audience gets restless because they've been in the cinema for an hour and STILL no monkey... Well, the first two anyway.

For pinball realism's sake, the table also has an LED screen at the top, on which you can play mini-games to boost your score.

We've had a quick play, and the game looks easy to get to grips with, with a satisfyingly short learning curve until you're racking up the bonuses. But to read our full review when it comes, click 'Track It!'.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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