Kinder World developer shares progress update following Kickstarter success

Kinder World developer shares progress update following Kickstarter success

Lumi Interactive, the game development team behind the upcoming anti-anxiety game Kinder World, has shared an update on Kickstarter following the project’s success.

When the Kinder World Kickstarter campaign reached its end last week, the project had accumulated AU$ 88,950 (just under £50,000) to fund the remainder of its development.

“Wow. Just incredible. Christina, Mandy and I have been blown away by your amazing support, thank you so much for showing up with so much love for Kinder World,” writes Lauren Clinnick from Lumi Interactive. “Thanks to all your amazing efforts, we'll be able to add more content and features to our wholesome houseplant game, including plant animations and petting, at least five more plants, and extra self-kindness activities.”

Clinnick then shared that the next update for Kinder World is expected to launch in April, and a content roadmap for the rest of the year is available to see below.

The blog post also details that Lumi is looking into ways for players to support the game and receive Kickstarter awards even if they’ve missed the campaign, which it will confirm once it’s sure it can follow through with that.

Despite not having hit all the stretch goals, Lumi is also looking into bringing as much of its plans for Kinder World to the game as possible. At reaching AU$ 88,950, the game managed to fund three out of its five stretch goals, just missing out on an additional community garden and a bonus gifting mode.

You can read more about Kinder World’s development on the official Kickstarter page. The game is coming to iOS and Android later this year.

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