Kinder World releases the first half of plants update for iOS and Android

Kinder World releases the first half of plants update for iOS and Android
| Kinder World

Lumi Interactive has released a new update for Kinder World’s demo this week. The upcoming anti-anxiety game is currently available to play as a demo via Testflight for iOS and Google Play for Android users.

This patch is the first half of a bigger update Lumi calls the Plants Update, and it adds a new growable plant to the game called Calathea Orbifolia.

The Calathea Orbifolia is a plant native to Bolivia in South America. Featuring big glossy leaves, it is one of the largest in the calathea family.

The Plants Update v1 for Kinder World also brings improvements to the growth algorithm for all plants, as well as bug fixes and other improvements to make the experience much smoother.

Lumi Interactive also says the second part of this update will be released as soon as possible. It could be as early as next week and the delay was made due to difficulties associated with the player account system and Apple requirements. The Plants Update v2 includes a Dragon Tail growable plant for backers of the Mother Nature tier on Kickstarter.

To start growing a Calathea Orbifolia, you can select it with Samy’s help when your current plant is fully grown. If you decide to grow a monstera again, or restart the game completely, they will grow differently due to the new improvements with the growth algorithm.

Lumi Interactive is still targeting a full release for the beta of Kinder World in June this year on both iOS and Android.

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