Upcoming iOS game Kind of Soccer is about booting the ball at the referee

On your head, son

Upcoming iOS game Kind of Soccer is about booting the ball at the referee
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Time to confess. How many times have you wanted to boot the ball at the referee during a football match? Thought so.

If you're after that very particular kind of vengeful catharsis, then Christian Schnellmann's Kind of Soccer is the game for you.

It's football without goals, you see. Instead, you increase your score by hitting the ref with the ball.

You do so by dragging a line out from the player in possession of the ball and then letting go to kick it. If your accuracy is off, a point will go to your AI opponent.

This happens if you kick the ball off the pitch or the ball hits one of the players on the opposing team. The first to five points is the winner.

So, it's in your best interest to pass it between your players to get the necessary angle and then hit that ref. There are power-ups to aid you here, including a guiding laser and a stop timer.

Kind of Soccer is kind of a bit of fun. But you'll have to wait until April 25th until you can play it on iOS. It will cost 69p / 99c when it goes live.

Schnellmann tells me that he's now returning to work on his stealthy exploration game Lowboat. He hopes to have it finished later this year.

Chris Priestman
Chris Priestman
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