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[Update] Kill Shot Virus is the third instalment in the Kill Shot franchise, out now on iOS and Android

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[Update] Kill Shot Virus is the third instalment in the Kill Shot franchise, out now on iOS and Android
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Updated May 11th, 2:58 PM: Alright, so it launched a couple of days ago technically speaking BUT Kill Shot Virus is officially out on iOS and Android.

Get on with some serious zombie-slaying mischief in the midst of the apocalypse and make sure you bring your big guns.

Grab the game free-to-play now on the App Store or on Google Play.

We've got exciting news today as Hothead Games announces they'll be bringing another Kill Shot title to mobile soon: Kill Shot Virus.

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If you've played the previous two games, you'll get the gist, only this time around you're turning your rifles on hordes of zombies, not soldiers. After a z-virus broke out in the downtown end of your city, it's up to you to save the day, protect survivors, and kill a bunch of zees.

With 100+ missions to complete, pretty graphics, power-ups, a variety of enemy types, and, of course, a nice selection of weapons at your disposal, there'll be something for everyone - unless you don't like zombie shooters.

However, if you're less of a lone-wolf, you can create a faction, chat, and band together with other fighters to take down the bigger, badder zombies, and defeat the virus once and for all. Plus, you can work toward grabbing a spot atop the worldwide leader board.

Kill Shot Virus hits iOS and Android free-to-play on May 11th, but you can pre-register on Google Play now, or sign up to their website to receive exclusive founders items.
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Emily Sowden
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