Hothead Games releases new details about the upcoming zombie-shooter, Kill Shot Virus

Mm, brains...

Hothead Games releases new details about the upcoming zombie-shooter, Kill Shot Virus
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There's not long at all to wait for the intense shooter Kill Shot Virus to arrive on iOS and Android, but here's some more info to tide you over until mid-May.

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Firstly, Hothead reminded us that by pre-registering on their website/Google Play, you'll be able to get some sweet in-game Founders items at launch. So far consumables (slow-mo, health pack, and piercing bullets), 500 bucks, and Founders body and pant gear has been unlocked.

Onto the more exciting stuff, we've got more information three post-apocalyptic scenes from where the zombie outbreak first takes place.

Bishop Hill

Bishop Hill is a large district of the city that was quarantined immediately after the evacuation. With a police station and large hospital nearby, the area was a refuge from the zombie threat, but as the game begins, no region is safe. Our hero arrives just as the situation in Bishop Hill starts going downhill. He has to team up with Zoey, a radio communications expert, to try and save any survivors as the Zombie hordes grow stronger.

Capital Plaza Mall

Capital Plaza Mall was once a thriving symbol of capitalist enterprise. Now it’s a wrecked and rubble-filled disaster zone, and hordes of Zombies roam the mall’s store fronts. It’s been rumoured that a team of scientists are holed up here hard at work to uncover a vaccine that could stop the virus. Our heroes must work together in search of this cure.

Communion Square

In an older part of downtown, the Holy Communion Church sits at the center of the Square. When the epidemic began, its pastor started accepting refugees and building stockpiles, making this one of the most secure locations in the city. But nothing lasts forever, and as our hero makes his rounds, he must protect the safe haven as large hordes are making their way downtown.

We've also got a look at three of the gross zombies you'll encounter in-game.

Exploder - Shooting one of these bad boys'll have them scattering all over the place. Whilst that may be great for taking out a bunch of zombies, it'll also spread the virus in a meaty, gassy, liquidy way.

Thrower - Sadly these chaps won't be throwing tennis balls at you. As some of the more deadly foes you'll be facing, Throwers'll chuck enamel shards at you. Aside from hurting like the dickens, you'll also be infected for a longer amount of time than any other enemy influence.

Leaper - With a body designed for aerial assults, Leapers'll hurl itself through the air to take you on. If they haven't managed to crush your bones with their strike, they'll finish the job by impaling you. Mm, delicious.

Kill Shot Virus will be arriving on iOS and Android on May 11th, so keep an eye and an ear out. We'll let you know when the game drops.

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