Abstract chess-like boardgame Khet coming to mobile

A bit like draughts meets Deflektor

Abstract chess-like boardgame Khet coming to mobile
| Khet

This will actually be pretty exciting news for boardgame fans who’ve found themselves thoroughly addicted to this unique, chess-like game (winner of a MENSA Select Award, in its physical interpretation) called Khet.

Khet was originally known as Deflexion, until it was rebranded with an Egyptian theme, and involves turning mirrored, pyramidal pieces to reflect a laser around the game board. When a piece is hit by the laser on a non-reflective side, it’s removed from play - not at all dissimilar to the classic home computer game Deflektor, only with two players.

This all new mobile conversion promises advanced CPU intelligence to put your analytical mind and spatial acuity to the test, along with a most welcome two-player Bluetooth mode.

Considering the occasional difficulties involved with firing a low-powered laser around a boardgame, this mobile version makes perfect sense and should introduce the excellent Khet to a whole different demographic.