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Jump'N'Shoot Attack

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Jump'N'Shoot Attack

Jump'N'Shoot Attack might have the worst name of any of the games that came out this week, but you shouldn't let that put you off too much.

This is a dangerous two-touch retro arcade blast that sets the difficulty bar high from the first leap and just keeps on raising it.

And while it looks like a blast from the past, it doesn't just trade on its nostalgia, creating instead a female-fronted platforming adventure that's well worth a look.

Shooty bang bang

There are two controls. Tapping on the left of the screen lets you jump, and tapping on the right fires your gun. You jog forwards automatically, only stopping if there's a block in your path.

You slide through tight gaps, and if you time a jump wrong you'll plummet to your death. There are spikes to avoid, and plenty of monstrous alien enemies to shower with hot death.

Picking up weapon power-ups gives more weight to your fire power, changing it from a single shot pistol to a double barrelled blaster, then a triple shot if you snag another.

There are extra lives to nab, and three gems on each short stage. The levels are broken into chunks, and if you fail to finish a chunk you can only restart on the last one you completed. There are jet pack section too, because jet packs are cool.

Jumpy jump jump?

There's a harshness to the game that's going to put some people off, but more often than not when you get something wrong you've got no one to blame but yourself.

Some of the sections are seriously tricky, but once you've burned the rhythm of taps required to pass them into your brain and you make it to the next level you can't help but grin.

Jump'N'Shoot Attack requires you to put some time in, but if you're willing then you'll find an exciting, super hard adventure that's well worth the effort.

Jump'N'Shoot Attack

A bright and pretty brilliant retro shooter