Skee-Ball creator brings coin-nabbing title Jump Dewds! to iOS

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Skee-Ball creator brings coin-nabbing title Jump Dewds! to iOS
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Graveck Interactive, the studio behind Skee-Ball, has recently released Jump Dewds! - an action-packed arcade title in which you collect coins.

Set on the mysterious Dewdawonton Island, Jump Dewds! tasks you with nabbing hordes of gold coins as they're hurled into the air by an erupting volcano. Let them touch the ground, and the surface will crack, revealing deadly pools of lava. So, you'd better dust off your best catcher's mitt.

There are 17 different characters to choose from in this game - all of which have their own unique jumps and special abilities.

You can currently grab Jumping Dewds! as a Universal app for free. Drag your feet, however, and you'll have to pay £1.49 / $1.99.

Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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