Judgment Day War unleashed on App Store

Additional Vietnam campaign for 3GS owners

Judgment Day War unleashed on App Store
| Judgment Day War

Yes, it's time to invade the Middle East again.

G5 Entertainment, together with Russian developer Gaijin, has released real-time strategy game Judgment Day War.

The game consists of two campaigns - which follow the 1967 Six Day War between Israel and Egypt, Jordan and Syria. One sees you playing as Israel, the other as Syria.

A third campaign will also be made available as downloadable content, but only if you have a 3GS device. It has you fighting as the US Army in the Vietnam War.

Using the tried and tested hex-based wargaming gameplay, these 33 missions have you moving your troops around to capture and hold onto territory, while deploying 15 special bonuses such as reinforcements, communication interception and air strikes to ensure victory.

There are also 12 strategic skills to upgrade as you progress through the game.

You can see how the action plays out in the following video.

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As well as the Campaign mode, you can try the endless Survival mode, which randomly generates new missions.

Scores are posted to a global leaderboard so you can compare your rank.

Judgment Day War is out now, priced 99c, €0.79 or 59p. Hit the 'Buy It!' button to deploy directly to the App Store.
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