Disney brings Jonas brothers game to DS

Their music, their fashion, their lives. Your DS

Disney brings Jonas brothers game to DS
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To date there have been three Hannah Montana DS games, not to mention a couple of High School Musical ones, so releasing an exclusive DS game based on the all-singing (Kevin, Joe, and Nick) Jonas brothers must have been in Disney's marketing masterplan for a while.

And guess what? The boys' fourth album is out on Disney's Hollywood Records this summer too. Good timing lads.

As for the game - which is developed by Japanese DS specialist Altron and described as a mixture of adventure, humour and music - it will see you help the Jonases (Jonasii ?) juggle concerts, school, friends and fans to find the balance between their rock star world and ordinary lives.

Other characters from the TV shows, such as Macy and Stella, will appear, while you'll be able to explore familiar locations including the brothers' firehouse and school.

Fashion comes into play as you can customise their outfits, while the musical gameplay will have you collecting notes to power up their guitars and then striking the right chords to overcome obstacles. Of course, hit songs from the TV show will also be performable once you've completed each level.

In fact, the only thing we don't know is when the game will be out. Probably during the summer, about the same time as their album, we'd reckon.