Jenson Button Grand Prix Racer headed to mobile

We hope it's not the pits

Jenson Button Grand Prix Racer headed to mobile

Jenson Button Grand Prix Racer is being revved up for release ahead of the British Grand Prix on June 11th.

The aim of the game is to see Jenson Button crowned Formula 1's Class One Champion.

You don't do this by rubbing a magic lantern, or by giving rival Formula 1 superstars food poisoning before a big race meeting. No, you do it through the medium of mobile Formula 1 motor racing.

Starting in Class Three as a beginner, you must work through Class Two and then Class One by gaining the highest number of points at the end of each class season.

Doing so will see you racing around six racing tracks drawn from six different countries, such as France and Italy, with new tracks being unlocked as Jenson roars up the ranks.

The three game modes also promise some variety. In Quick Race mode you compete against five other cars on tracks unlocked in the Championship mode. Alternatively, a Time Trial mode enables you to get some practice laps in before going head-to-head with other drivers.

"We've paid particular attention to designing an intelligent and fun control system," shouted Pete Russell, managing director of Player One, over the roar of the racetrack, adding that optimised versions have been created for high-end devices such as the N80 and N90.

We plan to put Jenson Button through his paces before the British Grand Prix – click "Track It!" above to be emailed a link to our review.