Create organisms and simulate evolution in upcoming iPad game Jellygrade

From a team of ex-Maxis devs

Create organisms and simulate evolution in upcoming iPad game Jellygrade
| Jellygrade

Jellygrade is an indie studio formed by three ex-Maxis developers who worked on The Sims, Spore, and SimCity.

Since July, this three-man team has been working on an iPad game that also goes by the name of Jellygrade.

Like Spore, Jellygrade involves your creating your own organisms. What makes the latter game unique, though, is its focus on liquid environments.

You start off with single cells. Slowly but surely, the creatures evolve into larger ones that start swimming around. It's all about managing an ecosystem for evolution.

It seems players are only able to interact with the organisms by moving them around. But this does mean you can safeguard your creations from the hazards of the world.

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Because of Jellygrade's fluid physics, you're able to just splash around in the liquid with your finger. Watching the liquid slosh around is quite mesmerising, actually.

Jellygrade team member Ocean Quigley shows off the liquid physics and the basic life creation mechanics in the short video above.

Alas, development on Jellygrade still has a long way to go. However, it's worth keeping an eye out for updates on the game. Looks like an interesting one, for sure.

Chris Priestman
Chris Priestman
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