Gameloft to bring James Cameron's Avatar to mobile

Na’vi-gate your way around the mobile adaptation

Gameloft to bring James Cameron's Avatar to mobile

It's been ten years since James Cameron put a film together, and considering that last film was Titanic, we're expecting big things from his adaptation of Avatar - very big things.

But it appears there are small things coming, too. Gameloft has teamed up with Fox Mobile Entertainment to create the official mobile game, placing you in the disembodied consciousness of a disabled marine as he follows his mission into the forest moon of Endo... I mean, Pandora.

"With a riveting storyline and compelling characterization, Avatar: the Mobile Game will raise the bar for the mobile game user experience," said Gonzague de Vallois, senior vice-president at Gameloft. "Gameloft’s expertise in movie-based games, promises the Avatar mobile game will have tremendous appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers alike."

Indeed, Gameloft has had plenty of practice when it comes to film adaptations, but given the weight of technology behind Cameron's new movie this should be a challenge unlike any it's seen before.