Visit the alien world of Pandora, with all its beauty, mystique and danger in this prequel to James Cameron’s stunning 3D epic. Struggle through the jungle planet as a human in the prototype Avatar, fighting the alien wildlife and decide where your allegiance lies.


"This game is one all action fans must own." - Slide to Play, 4/4

- Go on a journey of exploration, danger and adventure in an unimaginable world.

- Fight for survival in tense action sequences against ferocious beasts and carnivorous plants.

- When the battle reaches its height, take to the skies of Pandora on a banshee in epic shoot‘em-up sequences.

- Join the Na’vi in their native village. Help protect their world by joining their desperate struggle against the humans.

- Explore every aspect of Pandora, the world created by James Cameron. Discover 15 levels, from human-built mines and military strongholds to waterfalls and jungles alive with bioluminescence.

- Discover Na’vi fighting techniques. Train your precision as you master the bow and perform combos with your fighting staff. You can also master human weaponry including high-powered guns.

- The film voice of Neytiri narrates the epic story