Apple releases 79p music game for iPod

iQuiz is the first iPod game to feature user-generated content

Apple releases 79p music game for iPod
| iQuiz

While there are some classy iPod games available through iTunes, they have tended to be a bit predictable – retro arcade games or modern puzzlers in the main. However, the newly-released iQuiz is a bit more innovative.

It costs just 79p for starters. It's an entertainment trivia game that presents you with questions about music, films and TV shows, although there's also a mode called Music Quiz 2, which tests you on the songs, albums and artists on your iPod.

But here's the interesting thing: iQuiz also lets you create your own custom trivia packs for the game, which you can then share with other players. Or you can just download the ones created by other people to test your own knowledge.

The latter feature is handled via a separate downloadable application called iQuiz Maker – find out more at the official site. It's available for Macs now, with a PC version expected this month.

iQuiz sounds fascinating, and is arguably the first attempt to create new gameplay around the iPod's strengths, rather than just port games from other platforms. Click 'Track It!' for a reminder when our review goes live later this week, and don't miss our complete iPod coverage, with reviews of every iPod game released so far.