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Infinite Lagrange: strategy tips to activate the Lagrange Pass

Infinite Lagrange: strategy tips to activate the Lagrange Pass

If your main goal is to quickly upgrade your ship and fleet, claiming the rewards from the Lagrange Pass is going to be an extremely helpful resource. This pass will give players a bunch of useful resources and a blueprint for the ST59 Battlecruiser, which is a good ship that can be upgraded to become extremely powerful.

In order to activate all the milestones for the pass and receive the rewards as fast as possible, we’ve prepared a few tips to help you out. Here is what you should do if you want to collect all the Proxima Coins and boxes in little to no time:

1. Be active and log in daily

If you log in every single day you will earn 20 Activeness Points every single day. Slowly, that’ll add up and you’ll passively increase the level of your pass.

2. Action Points (AP) you use automatically translate into Activeness Points

Every week you can gather up to 6000 Activeness Points by spending Action Points. Each Action Point used amounts of 10 Activeness. If you spend in a week a total of 600 AP, you’ll be able to max this out.

The best way to spend your Action Points would be to start off by creating an Operation at the Base and then selecting one ship to send out. Once the ship sets off, call for reinforcements 5 times. One reinforcement uses 20 Action Points, and if you repeat the process 5 times you’ll collect 1000 Activeness Points.

20 Action Points restore hourly, but you should never use them all and end up with 0. Unexpected enemies can catch you by surprise, so you should always have a reserve of 50-60 AP just in case. Make it a habit to try and use the Action Points before they max out (150).

You can find a complete list of all AP costs by expanding your Resource Storage in the main interface (tap on the upper bar).

3. Each enemy ship destroyed grants 1 Activeness Point

This last option is not exactly easy, but it is effective for the more advanced players who take a liking to PvP. Whenever you destroy an enemy ship, you will receive 1 AP. Each week you can gather up to 2000 Activeness Points from this, so that means you will have to destroy 2000 ships.

If you want to maximize this, make sure to follow one of the three options below for the utmost efficiency:

  • Look for low level opponents, and make sure that you’ve got more advanced ships than they do. Ideally, fight level 1 or 2 cities and make sure to equip your ships with repair modules (or bring a healer).
  • Attack multiple wild enemies at a time (4-6 at a time depending on your ships) and do it regularly (once every 1-2 hours).
  • Join an active Union and go for siege operations with your mates.

We suggest you use ST59/CAS066 in the forward row, followed by the Tundra Healer Ship and your best Attacking Ships behind it.

Not sure where to find the pass?

If you are not sure where the Lagrange Pass can be found, don’t worry. You probably finished a few missions but weren’t aware that it was towards the pass. Here’s where you can find the pass: Research -> Dawn Funding Scheme -> Partnership Agreement.

Additionally, you should also go for the Strategic Partnership Agreement if you want to reap some additional benefits. For only $14.99 you will gain an extra 6,000 Proxima Coins, 320,000 Uecoins, 20 Black Market Tech Files and a whopping 980 Chu-Coins in addition to the free rewards.