Infinite Lagrange is releasing a new Pilot Server to test out upcoming gameplay features and mechanics

Infinite Lagrange is releasing a new Pilot Server to test out upcoming gameplay features and mechanics

NetEase Games has announced a massive new update for its grand space sim, Infinite Lagrange, which will feature a series of events based on the theme of Exploring the Unknown. As the game continues to expand, more and more features will be added to it. The March update’s primary aim is to test all this new content out through a Pilot Server.

Infinite Lagrange’s March update introduces the Pilot Server, which has been specifically created so that explorers can experience upcoming in-game content before it makes its way in officially. The server will periodically be made available as and when the update the independently launched.

Players testing out all the new stuff will also be expected to give the developer suggestions and feedback, based on which improvements can be made. This will have an impact on the overall strategy and balance of the game. To kick things off, the Pilot Server will make its debut with the new anti-aircraft weapon combat mechanism and the Super Capital Ship balancing.

The new anti-aircraft mechanism will improve the ability to lock on to enemies and damage them more through the Early Warning Efficiency system. On the other hand, the Super Capital Ship is being adjusted so that all of them feel different from one another. Changes have been made to ensure that the weapons fit their roles.

Things in the Pilot Server will be a little different from the normal game. Players in this server will skip the initial early game exploration. All buildings will already be fully upgraded and everyone will also receive additional resources to support their journey. The ultimate goal is to brainstorm with other explorers and optimize the game for the better.

Players interested in participating will have to register and only a few will be selected after a screening process.

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