Infinite Lagrange is being revamped with a humongous content update

Infinite Lagrange is being revamped with a humongous content update

NetEase has just announced a massive update for the popular sci-fi game, Infinite Lagrange, which is set to revamp most of its features. The game’s refreshed version will be titled “A New Chapter of Lagrange Network Begins” and it is set to introduce major changes to the title’s strategic features, such as Org Command, Personal Combat, and Personal Development.

Infinite Lagrange’s overhaul update brings a tonne of new content to the fray. The Org Operation Area significantly benefits from it with new and crucial Command Operations and Rally Operations. This will assuredly help with the combat pacing. Warp Drives that allow ships to move at 5x their speed are also being thrown into the mix to add some strategy elements.

Further, players can enjoy a revamped version of daily operations and combat in the form of the Squadron and Multi-Node Warp features. The former allows players to deploy squadrons in buildings and carry out operations from there as the home port. The latter, on the other hand, opens doors to automated long-distance travel by giving players the chance to set transit nodes in advance.

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That’s not all because the update also enhances mining and shop production, making the process much more efficient. Restrictions on the scale of resource node mining have been abolished. This will let players send any number of Utility Ships to mine at a single resource node. Besides this, a tonne of other QoL changes will be seen in the new chapter.

Speaking about the update, Ethan Wang, Senior Vice President of NetEase Inc, said: “At NetEase, we are driven by innovation and the desire to deliver exceptional gaming experiences. The revamp of Infinite Lagrange is just the beginning of a new chapter in the Lagrange Network. As we continue to expand and improve the game, players can look forward to more content, features, and adventures that will keep them engaged and excited for what’s to come.”

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