Infinite Lagrange's simulation experience expands with the new Identity Agreement System

Infinite Lagrange's simulation experience expands with the new Identity Agreement System
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The universe is constantly expanding. And with that, systems must keep evolving themselves. Infinite Lagrange, the mobile space sim, is also seeing this expansion with the introduction of the new Identity Agreement System. More galaxies are being added to the Lagrange Network and with that new factions are surfacing. As a result, explorers must choose their own identity as a Prospector or a Neutral by signing the Node Recovery Agreement, Trojite Crystal Mining Agreement, or Data Rescue Agreement.

The Prospector Agreement is part of the Hayreddin Clan. These form the explorers of Lagrange. The clan tasks explorers with gathering environmental data from the star system they are in. They must also light up more nodes and add them to the Lagrange Network while all their data is collated to create a special prospecting report.

With the Hayreddin Clan on their side, players will be able to gain temporary access to facility blueprints to build a Prospecting Tech Research Centre and also collect trojite crystals and additional data which will provide the Union with strategic advantages.

The other option is to sign the Neutrals’ Agreement, which makes the player a diplomat to the Lagrange Network. Backed by the Cooperation Support Department of Jupiter Industries, their goal is to build a bridge for cross-talk between Privateers and Galactic Faction. Signatories will always be in touch with the Privateers whom they will help in restoring normal faction status while winning rewards in the Galactic settlement.

The Cooperation Support Department of Jupiter Industries will furthermore provide blueprints for communication systems for the Neutrals’ fleet, creating a line of encrypted contact with the Privateers. Moreover, they can also gain resources via trade with Privateer Outposts. Like the Prospectors, the Neutrals can also obtain trojite crystals and data to strengthen the Union.

Ready to choose your identity in this vast universe? Then, download Infinite Lagrange for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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