Infinite Lagrange's latest update introduces two new powerful ships

Infinite Lagrange's latest update introduces two new powerful ships

Infinite Lagrange just released an update that features two new ships. The space sim will see the addition of the FSV830-Fast Combat Support Ship and the SL9 Heavy Torpedo Corvette. These will add new layers of support, supply, and firepower mechanisms to the game.

FSV830-Fast Combat Support Ship

Support ships are pretty much the oldest ships in the history of space exploration. This new ship aims to shake things up with a much better design, with state-of-the-art strategic and tactical features. The FSV830 has amazing features like a BSY-7000 Large Docking Jetty and an onboard mining UAV with breathtaking abilities when it comes to cutting and refining minerals. The ship can also directly extract minerals from resource nodes and produce them remotely. This beast of a flight is self-sustainable with immense capabilities allowing it to supply, maintain, and produce simultaneously.

SL9 Heavy Torpedo Corvette

The second ship is the work of the solar system’s topmost designer – the SL9 Shipyard. This plane excels when it comes to counterattacking and firepower thanks to its three Supernova – M"-AT-3-210M Torpedo Bombardment Systems, which have been modified to be even stronger. The Corvette relies on the basic tactics of attacking back and travelling between the enemy’s behind and the supply line, greatly enhancing its survivability. This ship will serve officers looking for a good all-around fighter quite well.

The FSC830 and SL9 will make fine additions to your roster of ships. They both come with their own benefits, either being great as a supporting ship or one that gives back to the enemies with full power. Which one are you going to go for? Download Infinite Lagrange for free on the App Store and Google Play. Check out their official website for more information.

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